Crystal Facial Roller, A New Trend To Achieve That Goddess Glow Skin

Salon by Houzcall

We all ridiculously do ridiculous thing in order to have better, smoother, younger-looking and goddess-like skin. From getting through the pain of  getting our face pinched from facial treatments at beauty salon until peeling our face by the sticky black face mask, we’ve done that although it’s that painful. No pain no gain, remember?

The Answer to All of Your Exfoliation Questions

Salon by Houzcall

You may have been aware that without adding the exfoliate step, your skin won’t be as healthy as it could be, even if you have checked all the list — cleansing, moisturizing, even slathering on the sunscreen.

Be Picky When Applying Beauty Oils, Are They Non-comedogenic?

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Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil,  tamanu oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, wait, we  think we lost count due to hundreds of beauty oils sold in the market claiming that they’re beneficial for skin and hair. In case you need a little help, we list down 3 beauty oils that works best on varied skin types. Not to ignore that oil may stand a chance to clog pores, we suggest you better to be very picky when it comes to applying oil on your face. We’re not saying that oils for facial skin should be avoided, as...

The Guide to Make The Best Out Of Everyone’s Favorite Beauty Oils

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Beauty oils have become a very big hit in beauty industry, yet we are taught since at our early age that oils may cause severe acne and breakouts. Listening to people giving out testimonies about how beauty oils turn out to be their superheroes against the skin problem made us wonder, will it worsen our already oily skin? After a lot of research, our team discovered that using beauty oils will lead to a great result for your lovely skin. An additional side note, it only works if you use the right oil. Even the double cleanse method – that is...

Know The Art of Double Cleansing And Get Special Thanks From Your Own Skin

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  Double cleanse–the popular step in Asian skincare–won’t double the trouble as in adding extra minutes to your night skincare routine. In opposite, double cleanse will double the impurities removal and effectively cleanse your skin, so that your beauty products could work at its best and do its magic. Double cleanse is extremely different to soaping it twice, if that what you think it is. It’s using two different types of cleansers to properly clean your skin. You might want to follow this step, first, you need to apply oil-based cleanser because they are the expert in breaking down oil-based...

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