How To Stay Fresh and Energized During Long Hours At Work

Bunga Wijaya

Having to work from nine to five could be mentally draining as we need to struggle not to put our head on the desk and drift off to sleep. Sometimes staying awake, focused, and energized are harder to accomplish than to get your actual work done on time. We know it’s not just us that struggle to stay fresh at work. If you’re with us, you might want to follow the tricks we did to keep our productivity alive. Drink often We all probably already know the importance of staying hydrated theoretically. But sometimes we are too crammed up with...

Our 3 Favorite Facial Mists (They’re not Just Water!)

Bunga Wijaya

photo credit: Salon by Houzcall More than just splashing water onto your face, some facial mists goes further and give a little extra benefits for anyone. We summed up 3 products that are definitely not classified in the ordinary facial mist. And here they are, La Roche-Posay Serozinc La Roche-Posay, a skincare brand which is named after a town in France that produces thermal spring water will zinc yourself up by their toner La Roche-Posay Serozinc. Zinc is kinda underrated but it’s an essential mineral that we never knew we needed to stay healthy. It will leave our skin free from bacteria...

Which Team Are You On When It Comes to Skincare: Japanese or Korean?

Bunga Wijaya

Both Japanese and Korean take skincare game seriously. Beauty begins with great skin, is a philosophy that most Asians keep close to their mind and makes them value skincare a lot. In fact, 89% of Asian girls and women tend to spend their money on skincare products rather than makeup. And because of it, Japanese and Korean skincare is more advanced than others of their kind. But these two differs in many ways, from packaging, ingredients, until their ideal beauty standards that goes in line with their skincare effects. First, the packaging. Korean products have cuter packaging that will make...

7 Must-Buy Skincare Products While Traveling to Japan

Bunga Wijaya

When it comes to skincare products, South Korea is always at the forefront of the game. As time goes by, maybe it’s time to pay closer attention to skincare products from our East neighbour — Japan. With their natural-focused approach, Japanese products work best for people with sensitive skin and those who dislike using products containing too many chemical. Most of Japanese products are using natural ingredients. If you have no idea where to start, we sum up 7 must-buy Japanese skincare products that you should buy when you’re traveling to Japan; 1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil This classic Japanese beauty...

3 Recommended Sunscreens to Have Fun Under The Sun

Bunga Wijaya

You enjoy being under the sun? Don’t hold back! Go run outside, take the kids to soccer practice, or enjoy a family beach vacation and get your sunkissed skin — just don’t forget to apply sunscreen, and your skin will be doing just fine. Sunscreen is a very crucial tool, yet so many people ignore to add it in their morning skin care routine. Premature wrinkles, sun spots, and skin discolorations are not the only harsh effects you’ll get if you ignore to apply sunscreen regularly. If we insist to keep this habit, there’s a chance that we also might have...

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